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Every business needs a blog! Where is yours?

Updated: Jan 15

Fuel your business, reach new audiences, and engage with your customers by creating your business blog.

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It is not enough to have an online presence, it is more important to provide insightful information which your customers might be searching.

Are you leveraging the power of blogging?

Did you know

  • Marketers who prioritize business blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI (Source:HubSpot)

  • Companies that publish 16+ blog posts per month generated 4.5x more leads than companies publishing 0-4 monthly. (Source:HubSpot)

  • 60% of consumers feel engaged/positive with a brand or business after reading custom content on their blog (Source:ContentPlus)

  • On average, only 18% of companies’ blog posts are over 750 words (Source: Curata)

  • Headline changes have the power to provide a 10% increase in clicks from internet users (Source:MarketingExperiments)

  • Longer, in-depth blog posts generate 9x more success in lead generation than short ones (Source:Curata)

Source: - Read for full list of blogging statistics and trends in 2020.

Millions of people are on social media consuming different forms of content - blogs, facebook posts, quora questions, instagram stories, tik tok videos, linkedin posts, etc. This gives small and medium enterprises a good reason to use social media marketing channels to build their brand online.

A good design and aesthetics are no longer enough to engage your customers. Customer no longer come directly to your website, Google search is the main route that drives web traffic. What is one of the best ways for Google to track you? Only if you post fresh, quality content regularly on your website or blog. Blog is the mirror that reflects your brand which showcases your customer-understanding, what you can do for the customer, and how you can address their pain points.

5 Tips to Write a Blog for your Business

1. List your customers' pain point or unanswered questions

Blog is a tool that tells your customers' that you listen to them, give due consideration to their feedback. You can use this as a platform to talk to your customers about how your products and services can solve their problems. You can share with them tips and tricks to make their lives better. Blogs serve as two-way communication, it will help you start a conversation with your customer, which in turn helps you build trust with them with regular inputs and advise.

2. Research and compile information to solve the problems

Research the keyword phrases that your customers are using to search your services. Google Adwords Keyword Tool is one of best ways to gather insights on your target audience. Your next best source of topics will come from your sales teams - get them to share their top 5 customer questions each week.

3. Create constructive content

Whether you have a B2B, B2C, B2G business, you must create content that is engaging and informative. Write posts not just about your product but about various aspects related to the product, the industry, changing trends and technology.

For example, if you have a construction machinery company, write about benefits of using your product, how it reduces time, its efficiency and how safe it is at site. Write about latest technologies in construction and impact of sustainable construction.

4. Share behind the scenes information

It is absolutely necessary to be authentic to gain your customers trust. Share your company stories, behind-the-scene efforts by employees, how your sales teams or quality team helps your customer problems, how your staff work and spend time creating solutions for their clients. Use photos, videos, testimonials and even podcasts to visually connect with your customers.

5. Add call-to-action

Blogs are a constructive way to generate leads. You can provide free whitepapers, free fact sheets, checklists, free trials and more that will add value to them. The content asset should add enough value for them to exchange their contact information.

Customers are happy to know about new products and company announcements, however, what matters to them most is how the product or solution is beneficial to them, how it adds value to their life, how is it better than other products, and how your company can assist them in making best you of the product/ service in their business or personal life.

Quick Tips to Start Business Blogging

Lack of time should no longer be an excuse for not blogging!

Finding time to blog is the biggest challenge people face.

I have faced this a number of times during my regular work schedule as a Corporate Communications department head. Taking out time to write, blog and create videos took a back seat as I was always short of time. But my passion to share our story, inform about our services, solutions, employee successes, and most of all my creative inner self would always push me to try harder. I came up with some quick fixes to overcome this challenge, this will help you too.

- Make blogging your priority - If attracting customers is your main goal, and cost-effectively, in fact with no cost then make blogging among you top 3 items daily.

- Have a clear timeline - This is a timeline to attract customers, not write the blog. For example, I want to increase my blog followers to 5000 or 50k in 3 months, or I want to increase by website traffic by 50% in 6 months. Based on your goal and timeline, write blogs that can attract customers to your content.

- Get a freelance copywriter- If your business and operations consume most of your time, it is wiser to engage a freelancer who can articulate your brand's story. Trying to do all of it yourself, may never lead you to your goal within your timeline. Don't waste your time tweaking the blog page, design, fonts and graphics. Your goal is to gain more customer. Use your time wisely. With a little help, you can achieve a lot.

- Break the process down into short, clear steps - Some people work best when they divide the task into multiple smaller modules or timelines. Depending on your role or operational challenges, work out a way to create parts of the blog at different times during the day or week. This will not exhaust the energy of your grey cells, it will give you new ideas and enough momentum to keep your blogs alive and kicking.

Time-saving Blogging Tools

There are host of tools you can use to write your blogs. Pick what fits your style and ease of use to kick-start your blog.

  1. Gather blog ideas - Buzzsumo, Social Animal, Feedly (Free), Sprout Social, Google Trends - when you are struggling to get ideas research on these powerful online tools to check what is trending and will resonate with your audiences. These tools will give you lots of ideas to create blogs for your customers.

  2. Start a blog - Wix, Weebly, Wordpress, Squarespace, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium - use any of these easy-to-use blogging tools to set up your blog or website within hours.

  3. Create amazing images - Unsplash, Mystockphotos, Icon finder,, Canva - Connect your story with a visual. Explore these to discover high-quality visuals that will help you tell your story through visuals.

  4. Content scheduling - Editorial Calendar plugin for Wordpress, CoSchedule, Sendible, Buffer - creating a content calendar will help create, organise and schedule your blog posts. These tools will save you time and reduce your stress.

Happy Blogging!

When you hit your next publish button, do drop a note.

Hope these tips helped you.

If you have any ideas or solutions we can add to the list, do share.

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